The Realities And Remedies Of Homelessness On Tuesday's Access Utah

Sep 30, 2014

Tom Rebman

On Tuesday’s AU we’ll look at the problem of homelessness through the eyes of Florida middle school teacher (and Navy veteran) Tom Rebman. He recently spent a month living as though he were homeless to raise awareness for a food bank and to inspire the kids he worked with. He told the Deseret News that this experience was the hardest thing he’s ever done and that he couldn’t have predicted the extent of the realities of living on the street, including sleepless nights, hunger and constant fear.  

And he says that “every myth that [he] thought about homelessness was busted.” He has become an advocate for the homeless people he met

We’ll talk with Tom Rebman and we’ll ask Lloyd Pendleton, Director of the Homeless Task Force for the State of Utah, how we’re progressing along Utah’s Ten-Year Strategic Plan to End Chronic Homelessness