Quilting, Painting, Photography Morphed in Artwork Featured at Summerfest

Jun 14, 2012

Logan's annual Summerfest begins at noon Thursday at the downtown historic tabernacle. UPR's Brianna Bodily brings us a preview of what we will see from one Cache Valley artist whose works incorporate quilting, painting, and photography.

Lucy Peterson Watkins is this year's featured artist, who describes her unique work to UPR this way:

"My current artwork comes from my photographic work. I decided it would be a reasonable thing to try and print on fabric. So that's what I did. I use silk or cotton and I use my techniques as a quilter and a painter to finish. As a photographer, I work in Photoshop, so a lot of my artwork is morphed. If I don't like the sky, I pull in a different sky. It gives you the option to create art from a photo or from 5 or 6 photos in one finished piece."

More information on Logan's Summerfest and Lucy Peterson Watkins is at www.logansummerfest.com