Prank Phone Call Leads To Lifelong Romance

Apr 3, 2014

74 year old Peter Boehme and his wife Toni tell the story of the prank phone call that brought them together.

Credit StoryCorps/Utah Public Radio

Peter: We met at the naval air base and I was working as a quasi-police officer.  I had a job of overseeing some of things, taking complaints and whatever.   

Toni:  Now in Alameda no, at that time, no good girls talked or had relationships with the navy men.  They were off limits.

Peter:  And her girlfriend's father was an officer in the navy and he was stationed on the base there. 

Toni: My friend Janice and I were babysitting and we didn't have anything else to do.  We decided to call and then they said "extension?" and we said "3-3-3."

Peter: And my phone number happened to be 3-3-3.  So, I answered the phone and talked to them and they were playful... they were having fun and so I said well  "jeez" come on out and we'll introduce you to my friend Frank and I'll show you around the base and they said "great!" Well, they had no intentions of meeting us.

Toni:  All we wanted to see is what they looked like.  We told them we were in a really old broken down car.  We were in her dad's '59 Cadillac and I had rollers, those great big rollers in my hair, and a scarf on. And we came on the base and we went along the block once.  

Peter: As they were driving up I spotted two girls in a car and I stopped the car.  They looked guilty as the dickens so I said did you call..."uh ya, ya,  we did."  And so that's how we showed they around the station.

Toni: Peter took me for a stroll to show me where he worked and he looked down at me when he was showing me and he...I think later told his friend "I'm going to marry her."  

Peter: And so she gave me her girlfriend's phone number not hers.  Uh, she said she was 18 so we dated and then I found out later she was 17.

Toni: Now Peter and I only knew each other four months.  So you can imagine what my mom..."17, a senior in high school"...wanting to get married?  My parents owned a restaurant for 35 years.  I took them up to the restaurant and he asked my mother and what did she say Pete?  "No way, you're not marrying my daughter."  Well, I had to have permission so I carried this little paper and pen wherever I went and I bugged her and bugged her and then I was fixing her hair one day and I said "you know I can do everything for you and you do nothing for me."  Well I had worn her down and she said "get married."

Peter: I don't think you could ever get married that cheaply again.  That was really...

Toni: Uh uh...

Peter: Ya, we did it at the navy base so that didn't cost us anything and it was a really a nice wedding.  Expect I said "honey, where did that $150 dollars we had..."Oh I bought a wedding dress." (Toni)

Toni: Oh, my sister-in-law took me to San Francisco and I bought a beautiful white was  beautiful.

Peter: And after being married for 50...51 years I love you more now than I think I've  ever loved you, really.

Toni: I love you very, very much.

Peter: I love you.