Population Rebuttal on Tuesday's Access Utah

Jul 8, 2013

Credit www.guardian.co.uk

Physicist and climate change & sustainability educator, Dr. Robert Davies responded to Monday's Access Utah (about the new book: "What to Expect When No One's Expecting") by saying that the author, Jonathan Last, “was throwing out one piece of misinformation after another, contradicted by the data, utterly unchallenged." Robert Davies asked for rebuttal time, and we're happy to continue our discussion on population and the environment on Tuesday’s Access Utah. We received comments from Peter, and from Dell in Minneapolis which we'll share and discuss as well.

Dr. Davies, program coordinator with the Utah Climate Center at USU, will join us for the hour to expand on his assertions that: 1. Flat Earther's and environmental extremists are hardly the only people worried about population. 2. Global warming has not slowed, it has accelerated. 3. Environmental stewardship (regulation) is not a luxury. Considerable research tells us that environmental regulation actually saves money -- a lot of money. 4. "Estimates of Earth's carrying capacity" are not all over the map.  In fact, there has been convergence on this concept.  Just because the answer isn't perfectly known, doesn't mean we can't bracket it.  In other words, not knowing everything isn't the same as not knowing anything. 5. We should examine the idea of "overshoot" -- which is where many sustainability experts believe we are now. Keep your comments coming by email, and on our Utah Public Radio Facebook page, and we'll share them on-air. You can also join the program by phone at 1-800-826-1495 Tuesday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.