Poet remembers growing up in internment camp

Jan 20, 2012

Over 100,000 people were placed in  ten remote internment camps during WW2.

They were not charged, and not convicted and yet many served time in prison camps with barbed wire and armed guards.

Lawson Inada, Oregon Poet Laureate (2006-2010) was 4 years old when his family was relocated to a camp in Arkansas.

Inada is coming to speak this weekend about his experience in internment camps.

In Salt Lake there is an exhibit in the Rio Galleries, showcasing Artists in Internment, featuring pieces of artwork by artisans from Utah's own Topaz War Relocation Center, near Delta Utah.

In conjunction with the exhibit, three film screenings will be shown: Days of Waiting, Unfinished Business and American Pastime. 

The show will move to San Francisco next.