Peter Corroon: Medicaid Decision Cannot Wait

May 27, 2014


Utahns will have to wait for a decision by the state legislature on their healthcare options, but one Utah official says that waiting is not an option.

Democratic state party chair Peter Corroon says a special session of the legislature needs to be held so a decision can be made about Medicaid.

He said Utahns are giving their money to other states while the legislature takes its time.

“People think that if we do not take the federal money than we are saving money in our own pocket book but that is not the case,” Corroon said. “Case is that the money is going to other states and Utah is losing out.”

Gov. Herbert says that the legislature needs to be well informed before committing to the Medicaid expansion. He said the long term economic impact for Utahns is more important than rushing the vote.

Corroon said Utahns would be able to reevaluate the Medicaid expansion in five years.

“The state of Utah can say no to Medicaid expansion later on if they feel that the burden is too much to handle.” Corroon says. “ There is really nothing to lose.”

The next scheduled legislative session is January 26th 2015.