Paul Ryan Makes Quick Stopover in Utah

Utah County is where Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan spent his afternoon Wednesday. The Wisconsin Congressman was in Utah to fundraise for the GOP ticket and although his time in the Beehive state was short, he still had time to squeeze in some time for a chat with some local boy scouts.

“He was really friendly. I felt just like he was a friend. It was great," says 7th grader David Nelson, who was one of nearly a dozen scouts from Troop 720 who greeted Ryan in uniform as he stepped off the plane. “He just said ‘Hi I’m Paul Ryan. How are you doing? What's your name?’"

Those few words were more than reporters and a few outside supporters of the campaign got as Ryan quickly waved before leaving in a black SUV for multiple fundraising events at Utah Valley University.

Now, Scoutmaster Paul Mix, who has been a scout himself for 43, years says it will be hard to find another event that will top one like this: “This is kind of a dream come true..other than Mitt maybe... but the Vice President?!? That’s awesome.”

Ryan flew out of Provo Wednesday night on his way to a rally in Colorado Springs.