"Patchwork Reality" with Pauline Hansen on Wednesday's Access Utah

Jan 29, 2014

For the first fourteen years of their marriage, Utah residents Curtis and Pauline Hansen had it all--laughter, babies, vacations, and ball games--but the nine years that follow define their future, and it all begins with a dream. Curtis believes his dream to be direct revelation that they will receive a very large sum of money, but to receive it, they must play and win what is revealed to Curtis as The Game, a test to prove their faithfulness to each other.

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Curtis's competitiveness in The Game becomes extreme, requiring the removal of household possessions. He even refuses to speak to their five children because they are spies. Pauline finally breaks down and tells her parents about the  events she's been living through, events Curtis has sworn her to secrecy about. With chemical exposure in mind, they get Curtis to a doctor. The diagnosis: paranoid schizophrenia. Pauline Hansen’s book "Patchwork Reality: Happily Married to a Schizophrenic," is a true account of her decade in the dark and her family’s return to hope and happiness.


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