Over Half Of Utah Residents Optimistic About Trump

Dec 21, 2016

On Monday the Electoral College confirmed Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. A Utah Policy poll shows Utah residents are feeling optimistic about the presidency.
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Over 50 percent of Utah residents said they feel optimistic about the next four years under Donald Trump, according to a recent Utah Policy poll

The survey asked registered Utah voters “How would you describe your feelings about the incoming President Trump administration?” 24 percent of respondents said they feel “very optimistic.” 35 percent said they feel “somewhat optimistic.”

40 percent of Utahns feel either “very” or “somewhat pessimistic” about a Donald Trump presidency. The remaining two percent didn’t have an opinion. The survey results were highly partisan. 90 percent of Utah Democrats say they’re pessimistic about Trump’s presidency. 82 percent of Utah Republicans said they are optimistic.