Narrowing the Political Divide on Access Utah Tuesday

Feb 18, 2013

Tuesday on Access Utah we’ll attempt to narrow the political divide, hoping to model behavior we’d like to see in elected officials in our increasingly polarized society.  We’ll follow up on a program we did a few months ago with politicians and commentators. This time we’re appealing directly to you.  We’ll ask you to explore the weaknesses of your political beliefs, as well as the strengths of the other side. How we can listen to and understand each other more in our political discourse, and how do we get out of our silos and join with each other in solving our problems? Leading the discussion will be Cache Valley residents Jonathan and Loralee Choate. They have to reach across the aisle at home: he leans libertarian and she’s more liberal.  We’ll also hear from our politically-plugged-in Access Utah producers, USU students Dani Hayes and Adison Pace.

Questions to consider:

  • What are the foundational principles that shape your political thinking?
  • What life experiences have shaped your political views?
  • Has your thinking been shaped by any authors or thinkers?
  • Can you recommend any books or articles we should read to better understand your political beliefs?
  • Has your thinking in the political arena evolved over time? How so?
  • Why do you think politics is so polarized these days?
  • If you consider this polarization to be a problem, how do we solve it?
  • How can we elevate the level of our political discourse?