Musicians For Healing At Logan Regional Hospital

May 8, 2014

Volunteers from all over Cache Valley come to play soothing ambiance music at Logan Regional Hospital.
Credit Logan Regional Hospital

Since October of last year, patients and visitors at Logan Regional Hospital have been enjoying the soothing ambiance music provided by volunteers. This new program, called "Musicians for Healing," has provided university students and members of the community the opportunity to donate their time and talents to create a peaceful hospital atmosphere.  Ramona Fonnesbeck, the Director of Volunteer Services, worked with the administration to bring this program to the hospital. In the process, she was able to secure a brand new, baby grand piano.

“They always talk about how music is healing, so in the area that the piano is located there are patients that come in who may be waiting to go into the Emergency Room, or they’re waiting to have an x-ray or a test. As a result, many times their anxiety is a little higher. Coming to a hospital anyway is stressful, regardless of why you have to come here. It’s not always a happy visit. So that music helps soothe them,” said Fonnesbeck.

Caryle Hansen, a visitor at the hospital, says she purposefully arrives to appointments early so she can relax in the lounge and simply enjoy the music.

“It just adds to the atmosphere here. Having some beautiful pianists come here and play it for you is just like having your own concert,” said Hansen.

In addition to the piano, volunteers may play other instruments such as the guitar or harp. Sierra Summers, a piano major at Utah State University, is a regular volunteer at the hospital.

"I had surgery. When I came out, someone was playing the piano. I just noticed instantly what a different thing it did for my body and how I felt different and how it created a mood and environment where I could really feel at peace and feel comfort. So I wanted to give that opportunity back to someone else,” said Summers.

For more information about how to become a volunteer, visit the volunteer page located on the Logan Regional Hospital website.