Millville Fire 30 percent contained as of Friday

Aug 16, 2013

Four helicopters and dozens of firefighters continue to battle the Millville Fire burning in Cache County. As of Friday morning the wildfire had burned 2,800 acres between Millville and Blacksmith Fork canyons.

Approximately 190 firefighters and support staff have been working the blaze since it started early Sunday morning by lightning. Forest Service spokesman Fred Noack says the fire is 30 percent contained and says crews are working both ends of the blaze to prevent more spreading.

A firefighter works the Millville Fire in Cache County.
Credit Greg Fabricius / via Cache County Sheriff's Office

"We have helicopters dropping water on the hot spots up on the ridge," he said. "And we have some crews working on the very top of the ridge to get to the east end and then start coming back down the road. And we're taking this day by day."

Other firefighters spent the day clearing vegetation around roadways and protecting wooden power poles by wrapping them in fire resistant material.

"Hand crews are reducing the amount of fuels - in this case oak brush - along the road edge so that if the fire does creep down, it's easier to control it along the road's edge and there's limited potential for it to spark across the road," Noack added.

Crews from as far away as Wisconsin are part of the suppression efforts. Others are based around Utah, Arizona and Nevada. A base camp has been set up at Millville Park where firefighters are sleeping in tents and being fed by local companies. Noack says it’s difficult to determine how long it will take to fully contain the fire or how much it will cost.

"Since the incident started, it's cost approximately $750,000," he said. "And how much it will cost just depends on how long it takes and the resources we use to get it contained."

Blacksmith Fork Canyon road remains closed to all nonessential traffic and Millville Canyon is closed to all access. Left Hand Fork road is also closed to nonessential traffic. Trails in the Left Hand Fork, Richards Hollow, Herd Hollow, and Gray Cliff springs areas are closed.

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