May is the Season for Celebrating Utah's Pre-History

May 9, 2012

May 5 - 12 is Archeology Week in Utah. Lori Hunsaker, Deputy State Preservation Officer, explains why archeology is something to celebrate here in Utah:

"In Utah we enjoy some of the best archeology in the world and it isn't all limited to Salt Lake. It's all over the state...We want people to embrace and appreciate the rich and diverse pre-history and history that we have in Utah."

Huntsaker says it's easy to find a personal connection to the ancient people of Utah.

"You see it in the rock art.  You see families depicted in the rock art in 9 Mile Canyon. You see hunting scenes: people embroiled in day-to-day labors to get food."

The reason Huntsaker believes it's important to explore the archeology of the state:

"To know that there was once a very active community not unlike the communities in Logan, in St. George, in Salt Lake City, in Price, in me, that connection to the past is something that everyone can take part in."

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