Marriage 101 For Men On Tuesday's Access Utah

Dec 2, 2013

Sherri Mills has been a hairdresser for more than forty-five years. She has had her own salon long enough to see life happen before her very eyes. She has listened to real-life problems and followed real-life outcomes—successes and failures—and through several generations, longer and more extensively than marriage counselors can. 


She says that in her practice she has seen the pain from too many divorces that didn’t have to happen and that she has been obsessed with trying to save as many marriages as she can. Her first book, “I Almost Divorced My Husband, But I Went on Strike Instead,” was written to women, with detailed instructions on how to deal with the double duty and double standard of householder work and instructions on how women can have more appreciation for their own husbands. Men wanted instructions of their own so Sherri Mills’ new book, “Marriage 101: Why Taking Out the Trash is a Turn-On,” outlines solutions to issues that sabotage marital accord. Among the pieces of advice in the new book: “help isn’t helpful.” Sherri Mills says that multiple therapists and clinics use her books as references on how to work with couples to help them save their marriages. She has been married to Gerald Mills for 45 years and has owned her one-person professional salon for more than 40 years. The Mills live in Helper.