Man Arrested for Robbing Logan Kohl's Twice

Apr 16, 2013

A man accused of robbing a department store in Logan not once, but twice has been arrested.

24-year-old Logan resident Richard Jensen was apprehended around 2 P.M. on April 16 as he tried to walk out of Kohl’s with merchandise he hadn't paid for.

According to North Park Police Corporal Shawn Bennett, Jensen was trying to steal two pairs of underwear and some socks. In March, Jensen was caught on security tape stealing similar items and Kohl’s employees believe he may have struck a third time but lacked the evidence to prove it.

Jensen has been booked into the Cache County Jail on two counts of retail theft and possession of burglary tools - wire cutters to snip tags from clothing. 

Bennett says this is not Jensen's first brush with law enforcement. Jensen was on parole from other charges at the time of his arrest and because of that violation there is a 72-hour hold on his bail.

"After I prepare a  probable cause statement, the judge will list a dollar amount that he will have to post to get out of jail," Bennett says.  

Jensen will appear at the North Logan Justice Court on Monday, April 22, if bail is not posted.