Logan Restaurant Holds Mural-Painting Contest

Jan 24, 2014

Angie's Restaurant wants community help in painting a Cache Valley-themed mural on the north wall of their building.
Credit Facebook

As cars pass by Angie’s Restaurant in Logan, passengers may notice the north side of the building facing 700 North is a little blank and dull.

The restaurant’s management is hoping make the building more appealing by painting it, and they’re holding a contest to have local artists paint a mural on the north wall.

The theme for the contest is people, places and times of Cache Valley. The goal is to paint iconic Logan landmarks on the blank wall.

Misty Inglet, a broadcast journalism student at Utah State University, sat down with Matthew Vance, the event organizer for the mural.

Vance said several artists will paint the final product.

“Each of the individual artists will paint whatever they like or whatever they painted for their original entry fee, so maybe one person will paint the Logan Temple on one side and someone else would paint the Jardine Juniper or something else like that,” Vance said.

There will be four different age groups that can submit paintings, and judges will pick winners in each category to combine their art into a collage.

The age groups are 12-14, 15-17, 18-30 and 31 and older, according to the Angie’s Facebook page.

Today is the deadline for submitting artwork. For more information on how to enter the contest, check out the Angie's mural event page on Facebook.

-Eric Jungblut is a senior studying broadcast journalism at Utah State University.

-Misty Inglet of the USU journalism and communication department contributed to this story.