"Literary Industries" on Friday's Access Utah

Apr 17, 2015

 A bookseller in San Francisco during the Gold Rush, Hubert Howe Bancroft  rose to define the early history of California and the West. Creating what he called a “history factory,” he assembled a vast library of over sixty thousand books, maps, letters, and documents.  In 1890 he published an eight-hundred-page autobiography, titled "Literary Industries." Today on the program Sheri Quinn talks to his great great granddaugher Kim Bancroft.  She edited all 800 pages in the modern abridged edition of "Literary Industries: Chasing the Vanishing West." 

Credit heydaybooks.com

On Science Questions we revisit a conversation with Temple Grandin. Noted for autism and groundbreaking work on many of the nation's slaughterhouses - making them more humane.  She is Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and has authored numerous books and papers on autism and agriculture.  On Science Questions, she discusses the latest brain research on