Leonardo Coming to the Leonardo in Salt Lake City

Beginning Friday, the work of Leonardo DaVinci will be in Salt Lake City’s backyard. The Leonardo museum will begin showcasing Da Vinci – The Genius, a 21st Century look at his work.

Alexandra Hesse, Executive Director of the Leonardo, says the exhibit highlights what the museum is all about.

“We are a multi-disciplinary museum. We’re art, science and technology.  So, one of the things that is a great fit is to see is that this man combined all of those disciplines without seeing a problem in that. And I think more to the point, you can see a lot of the spaces in between that would inform each other and how much power there is in those spaces.”

The exhibit features more than 200 replicas of Da Vinci’s work, many of them life size and interactive. Jason Brown with Grande Exhibitions says the display was put together by Italian artisans who sifted through more than 6,000 pages of his personal notebooks.

“He cataloged his thoughts, his inventions, and ideas that he had. They involved both written notes as well as sketches.”

The exhibit has traveled to over 40 different countries and has been seen by 3 million people worldwide, the museum says. It will be in Salt Lake City through the end of January.

More information on the exhibit at the Leonardo