Legislators Will Not Override Veto Of Partisan Board Bill

Apr 18, 2017

Utah legislators will not override Governor Gary Herbert's veto last month of a bill that would have allowed him to pack about two dozen of state boards and commissions with members of one political party.

Legislative officials said Tuesday that lawmakers in the House and Senate were polled on whether they'd support a veto-override session, but the poll ended Friday without a required two-thirds majority in each chamber favoring an override.

The Senate voted 11 to 18 for an override session and the House voted 34 to 41. Democratic Party leaders maintained that the legislation would have denied them a voice on the boards and commissions.


Herbert, a Republican, said he vetoed the bill scrapping limits on how many board or commission members could belong to one political party because he had already agreed to keep the limits in place for some board dealing with more political issues, including those regulating alcohol and air quality. Herbert's Office initially asked for the legislation to be introduced.