Lasers and Optical Illusions Scheduled for 2013 Physics Demo

Nov 19, 2013

An upcoming event at Utah State University sets out to dispel the idea that science, especially physics, can’t be fun.

Nov. 22, the Utah State University Department of Physics will enthrall and inform the public as they put on a demonstration about the physics of light.
Credit Utah State University

The Department of Physics will host the sixth annual November Demo Show this Friday, which is quickly becoming a Thanksgiving tradition. The theme of this year’s show is "The Physics of Light."

"Oh there will be all kinds of demonstrations with light including lasers and optical illusions, focusing heat waves to start a fire, things like that," said James Coburn, USU Physics Department demo specialist.

Coburn said he is most excited for the popping balloon and focusing heat waves demonstrations, which he will perform with the help of his family and students from USU.

The Physics of Light demo is not only meant to be informative, but also fun for the audience.

"You may not learn a whole lot of science in a show like this, but you can see that science can be fun," said Coburn. "Give an opportunity for people to see science that maybe don't normally think that science is for them."

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