Journalism and Advocacy on Access Utah Wednesday

Jan 16, 2013


In 2008, a group of armed Hindu extremists attacked and burned a village of Christians in Odisha state in India, seeking to forcefully reintegrate the villagers into the caste system left behind by their Christian beliefs. The survivors fled into the jungle to escape.  National Geographic photojournalist Lynn Johnson and human rights advocate Jen Saffron have organized the Koraput Survivors Project and will give a lecture entitled “Building Bridges: When Journalism and Advocacy Meet” as a part of the Morris Media and Society Lecture series on Wednesday at USU.

On Wednesday’s Access Utah we’ll talk with Jen Saffron and Lynn Johnson about religious extremism in India and about what journalists should properly do: witness to the world or advocate for people and causes? Lynn Johnson says that at this time in her career she felt it was time to cross that line to advocacy.

Utah State University’s Caine College of the Arts has partnered with the Journalism and Communication Department from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to co-host the lecture Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 11:30 a.m. in the Performance Hall on the USU campus.