Ivan Doig's New Book 'Sweet Thunder' on Wednesday's Access Utah

Sep 18, 2013

Ivan Doig, acclaimed author of “This House of Sky” & “English Creek” is out with a new book, “Sweet Thunder,” the third novel in a trilogy of tales following the life of wordslinger Morris Morgan. With the backdrop of a conflicted America during the roaring Twenties, Morrie finds himself back in the brawling city of Butte in the middle of a conflict between miners and the Anaconda Copper Mining Company.

Credit Riverhead Publishing

Morrie uses his sharp wit and “walking encyclopedia” knowledge to write scathing editorials against Anaconda for the fledgling union newspaper, “The Thunder,” and to keep himself one step ahead of trouble. “Sweet Thunder” mimics parts of Doig’s own life, set in his home state of Montana and focusing on the rush and clatter of a daily news room, where Doig began his writing career as a freelancer. From his newspaper and magazine beginnings, Doig has now authored 12 novels, and four works of nonfiction. The western landscape and people play an important role in his fiction, and he has been hailed as the new dean of western literature. Doig is now in the middle of a publicity tour for recently released “Sweet Thunder” with his next stop the King's English Book Shop on September 19 at 7:00 p.m. where he will be attending the event via skype.