It's Groundhog Day: America's Visionary Woodchuck Comes to Utah

Feb 1, 2013

The traditional Groundhog Day Sundae includes a knob of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge shadow.

It's Americans at their most superstitious. Saturday, February 2, is Groundhog Day. Jennifer Pemberton talks about Pennsylvania's rodent prophet with Logan's self-proclaimed Groundhog Day expert, Mary Fugate.

"The groundhog comes out of his hole, and goes back in because he's scared of his shadow. So, first of all, the inversion would confuse him because he wouldn't be able to see his shadow as well because the sun is more hidden, so he would predict spring is just around the corner. But I think he would be confused and ask what it is and in some poetic form express his sadness because of the inversion and run back into his burrow."