Human Trafficking on Wednesday's Access Utah

Jun 25, 2014

Andrea Powell and Stephanie Henry join us Wednesday on Access Utah to discuss their work in helping victims of human trafficking. We’ll also share comments on human trafficking in Utah from our Public Insight Network. You can respond right now at Click “Become a Source.” 


Powell is founder and executive director of FAIR Girls, a non-profit organization that serves survivors of trafficking in the U.S., Russia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Uganda. Last year, FAIR Girls supported more than 100 young girl and transgender female victims to escape trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in the Washington, D.C. area. 


Henry was sexually abused throughout her childhood. Desperate to regain some sense of control, she began an emotionally shattering struggle with bulimia and the curse of having ''the look'' men desire. After slipping through the education system, multiple suicide attempts, years of working as a stripper, losing custody of her daughter, battling drugs and alcohol, and enduring a string of ill-fated marriages, Stephanie put her life on course by reaching out to others and fighting for voiceless victims of exploitation around the world. 

To further help those who are victims, Henry’s book is: "If Only I Could Sleep: A Survivor's Memoir." She currently resides in Texas with her husband and her six children. Andrea Powell, Founder & Executive Director, FAIR Girls will give a talk at Utah State University on Tuesday, July 1 at 1:00 p.m. in Library room 101. Her visit to Logan is sponsored by the USU Center for Women and Gender.