Holiday Celebration on Access Utah Thursday

Dec 13, 2012

On today's Access Utah we celebrate the holidays with music and poetry. Utah State University music professor Mike Christiansen, plays the guitar live in our studio. University of Utah theater professor Tim Slover, author of the book and radio series, "The Christmas Chronicles: The Legend of Santa Claus," reads excerpts of poetry.

From his poem "Trials of the Season":

It can break your heart, this season
The ice in the streets, in the veins
The cough and sputter of another December wheezing to life again
with no remorse.
It’s the expectation that does it:
Christmas standing close to hand, tapping its foot,
Demanding joy, or at least baked goods or presents or joining in a carol.
It won’t accept our drift, our inattention, our mitigated and compromised contents
No, Christmas wants us body and soul:
it is the bore that talks only and forever of itself