"Hidden History of Utah" on Wednesday's Access Utah

Apr 23, 2014

This is program originally broadcast on December 10, 2013.

Utah has been the focal point for many brave settlers yearning for a new way of life. While Utah's Mormon legacy is well documented, there are lesser-known stories that contribute to the state's history. In “Hidden History of Utah,” public historian, author and history columnist Eileen Hallet Stone looks into the state's forgotten past and presents a revelatory collection of tales culled from her Salt Lake Tribune "Living History" column. 

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Included are stories of newly freed slaves, early suffragists, desert farmers and union men, as well as railroad kings, cattle barons, influential statesmen and more.  Eileen Hallet Stone is author of “A Homeland in the West: Utah Jews Remembered” and co-author (with Leslie Kelen) of “Missing Stories: An Oral History of Ethnic and Minority Groups in Utah.” She lives in Salt Lake City. We’ll revisit a conversation from December today on AU.