Herbert Awards Clean Air Grant To Roast Master

Jun 30, 2014

A Logan coffee shop will be visited by Gov. Herbert Tuesday morning. He will congratulate the company on its efforts to cut emissions, as part of a valley-wide tour.

Caffe Ibis is given money to make roasting methods more environmentally friendly.
Credit http://www.nssga.org/major-event/fall-board-meeting/activities/spouse-welcome-coffee/

The governor and other officials will be eating lunch at Caffé Ibis tomorrow before awarding the small business a grant for $15,000.

The money will help fund a recently installed afterburner which helping to reduce the pollution made from roasting coffee.

Deputy Chief of Staff Mike Mower, who will be attending the air quality tour, says he is looking forward to a busy day in Cache Valley.

“We are excited about meeting all the people who are helping improve the air quality in the valley,” Mower said.

The group will be visiting the Utah State University campus as well as two other local businesses before ending the tour at the Bear River Association of Governments Dinner.

“There are a lot of people that we need to thank for getting Utah to where it is economically,” he says.

Logan was rated the 7th best place for small businesses and careers by Forbes.  

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