Gun in Schools on Thursday's Access Utah

Jan 11, 2013

In response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Connecticut, we will discuss guns and violence in America with an emphasis on schools. Should more or fewer guns be allowed in our society? How can schools best be protected? Has Sandy Hook changed your opinion on guns? What can be done about violence in America? And are guns the problem or part of the solution? Matthew LaPlante, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communication at Utah State University, co-hosts today's show. In the first half we talk with an elementary school teacher, Cori Sorensen, who is getting her concealed weapons permit and her trainer Clark Aposhian, who is with the Utah Shooting Sports Council. In the second half we talk with the Park City’sMayor, Dana Williams, and Chief of Police, Wade Carpenter. Our guests also include Cal Udy, a member of the American Federation of Teachers.