Geneaology of the Mayflower on Access Utah Today

Mar 23, 2012

The Mayflower was the ship that in 1620 transported the pilgrims from Plymouth, England to Plymouth Massachusetts.  Using genealogical records two anthropologists are tracing the life history and migration of these early first settlers. Today on the program they discuss the surprising details of their journey and what they can reveal about ourselves today.

At 9:30 Science Questions explores stem cell therapy and its potential to transform the treatment of human disease.  Adult stem cells have been used to treat leukemia since the late 1950s. Among early attempts to do this were several bone marrow transplants conducted in France following a radiation accident. Since physicians could not isolate stem cells at that time, they transfused bone marrow with stem cells in it.   The research has come a long way and now researchers at the University of Utah are among the first in the nation to lead clinical trials on the injection of stem cells into human hearts.