Funding Arts Organizations Through The Ages: Utah Division Of Arts And Museums

Jul 1, 2014

A Utah patron visits the Springville Museum of Art.
Credit Impulsive Eye Photography

What do the Utah Symphony, Ballet West, and the Utah Arts Festival all have in common? It may not be what you would initially think. The answer? The Utah Division of Arts and Museums helped to found each of these organizations. 

It’s no secret that the arts in all their forms are flourishing in Utah. In fact, Utah is home to the oldest arts council in the nation.

Laurie Baefsky is the Grants Manager of Utah Arts and Museums.

“If you look at how arts and museums are particularly valued by the citizens of Utah… we have some staggering statistics. For six years running we were voted ‘Top 25 Arts Destination’ by American Style magazine. We also have the highest per capita piano ownership in the nation, right here in Utah,” said Baefsky.

Utah Arts and Museums provides funding opportunities for arts organizations that are long-standing, as well as brand new.

“We give out over 200 grants a year, and we have 10 different categories of granting. We support arts organizations large and small to the tune of about $1.2 million in grants annually. 50 percent comes from the state legislature and about 50 percent comes from the National Endowment for the Arts,” said Baefsky.

The grant cycle for the upcoming fiscal year is nearly up, however, there are still two more opportunities for funding. The first is the “Arts Organization Capacity-Building Grant” which is due August 1. The second, the “Arts Project Grant,” is due on October 31.

For more information about guidelines and applications for funding, visit