Former Member of FLDS Church Receives Custody of Children

Jan 30, 2013

A Utah district court judge has extended a custody order for a former member of the FLDS church who is seeking custody of his estranged children.
Lorin Holm was married to three women and is father to eight children.  In 2011 Holm was expelled from the FLDS church by leader Warren Jeffs for unspecified reasons.

Thereafter, his wives and children were assigned by church leadership to other men.  But Holm has reconciled with his first wife, to whom he is lawfully married, and has sought custody of his children.

Last month, Judge James Shumate granted the father temporary custody of his minor aged children after a court appointed guardian expressed concerns over their safety and well-being in the FLDS community.

The judge has extended that custody ruling, although many complications continue to stand in the way of permanent custody.