Folklore With USU's Lynne McNeill On Monday's Access Utah

Jan 6, 2014


Why is it so hard to define folklore? Lynne McNeill, in her new book from USU Press “Folklore Rules,” says “...well you try to explain what a creation myth, a jump-rope rhyme, a Fourth of July BBQ, & some bathroom graffiti have in common and you’ll find it’s not a terribly easy task either.”

We’ll make the attempt on Access Utah today. We’ll also cover superstitions about cats around the world, Mormon folklore, and internet folklore. Lynne McNeill is director of online development for the USU folklore program. She holds a PhD in Folklore from Memorial University of Newfoundland and teaches both online and face-to-face folklore classes.  She has published articles and book chapters on varied subjects including ghost hunting, animals in folklore, and Internet folklore.  Her research interests include digital culture, legend and belief, and teaching folklore.  She is the co-founder of and faculty advisor for the USU Folklore Society.