A Family Tale of Education And Childbirth

Aug 29, 2013

St. George Mayor Daniel McArthur and his wife talk about their children and educations.

Daniel and Bunny McArthur tell the story of their experiences in childbirth. Then, after the youngest of 6 children was in kindergarten, Bunny decided to finish college- at the same time as 3 of her children.

"All the rest of our children were miracle babies. Jeff was 3 weeks early, we didn't know anything wrong," Daniel said.

"They told us he had one of 3 incurable diseases- one was congenial leukemia, and a couple others that were incurable and that he would die before he was a week old.
"So we did a lot of soul searching, met with our religious leader, had others come down. We actually named him in the hospital, blessed him, he had some blood exchanges and they gradually ruled out each one and after a couple weeks, we took him home."