Family Makes Narrow Escape From Flooding River

Aug 4, 2014

Members of a Las Vegas family are drying out and counting their blessings after escaping a flash flood that overtook their Veyo area campsite over the weekend.

A family member awoke in the middle of the night to the thunderous sound of water overflowing the banks of the Santa Clara River.

Deputy Darrell Cashin is with the Washington County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team, and said all 13 family members managed to scramble to higher ground, but were trapped along a narrow ledge as they watched their belongings wash downstream.

"Everything that they had on their camping trip had ended up down river, along with the keys to the vehicle, so they couldn't be recovered that night," Cashin said.

Search and rescue had to set up a zip line across the river and evacuate each person one-by-one. The Red Cross provided clothing and a place for the family to stay.

"We took each one of the family members - from youngest to oldest they ranged from 9-years-old to 57-years-old, and we sent them one at a time across the river and got them to safety. They were cold and wet, but medically they were okay," he said.