'Fallout City': A Downwinder story

Jul 11, 2013

Martha and Michelle at the StoryCorps booth in May 2013

Martha Ham interviewed her friend Michelle Thomas in the StoryCorps booth in St. George in May, about her experiences during the nuclear bomb testing done at the Nevada test site, just over 100 miles from St. George during the Cold War.

Some of these documents were declassified, and they had St. George circled on these maps of yester-year and called it 'Fallout City,' knowing that this would get heavily radiated.

A downwinder is an individual who was born, in a mother's womb, or outside the womb in 1951-1962.

Michelle Thomas is a downwinder, and she tells the story of the nuclear testing, her mother's fight, and living with the medical repercussions of nuclear weapon testing.