Dry Conditions Loom As Firefighters Near Containment Across State

Jul 28, 2014

The month of July may be coming to a close, but the wildfire season is not. Fires continue to burn across the state, from the Tunnel Hollow Fire near Morgan to the Levan fire south of Nephi.

Jason Curry with the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands said Utah is on track for a normal fire year. However, he said the state’s seen fewer large fires so far this year. Curry explained why he thinks the state is seeing less catastrophic events.

State officials say the fire season isn't over just yet.
Credit noaa.gov

“Part of it is weather, part is summer training. You know, we’ve really worked hard with our federal partners to get into the rural departments and provide some really good wildland engine training,” Curry explained. “Those wildland engines are typically the forces that get to the wildfires first and end up putting the vast majority of them out.”

Curry expects the state to see more fires in the coming weeks.

“We will certainly be seeing more fires, and we’ve already had several close calls thus far. Hopefully what we can continue to see is just close calls,” Curry said.

The Levan Fire has burned over 4,000 acres and is 35 percent contained. Curry said he expects the Tunnel Hollow Fire to be fully contained by tomorrow. The Spring Canyon fire is now 65 percent contained, while the Black Fire is 95 percent contained.