Dixie State College Board of Trustees Decides on New Name

Jan 22, 2013

After months of information gathering, the Dixie State College board of trustees selected “Dixie State University” as the new name for the institution, should the school be granted university status.
It’s expected that the state legislature will grant university status in the upcoming legislative session.  

The board made the selection from among four other choices, and issued a statement acknowledging that for a time Dixie State College did in deed embrace a confederate identity.  In 2009, the college’s mascot was changed from the “Rebels” to the “Red Storm.”

More recently, a statue depicting two Conferate soldiers was removed from campus.

But the board insists that in Southern Utah the name “dixie” does not inherently carry such an association, but rather is a reflection of the area’s heritage as a pioneer outpost charged by Mormon leader Brigham Young with raising cotton.