Dixie Name Controversy and License Plate Scanners on Access Utah

Jan 11, 2013

In the first half of the program we discuss the controversy over the name Dixie State College. Some say the name Dixie holds negative connotations of slavery and the Confederacy. Others say that the southern Utah area has always been known as Dixie, and that the name hearkens back to the settling of the area by Mormon Pioneers. We talk with former president of Dixie State College, Doug Alder and UPR Southern Utah correspondent Chris Holmes.

In the second half of the program we discuss a legislative proposal to restrict the use of license-plate scanners. Police say the devices are useful in recovering stolen vehicles and aid in other investigations. Others say the data could be misused. We talk with State Senator Todd Weiler, the man behind the proposed legislation, and Sheriff Todd Richardson of Davis County.