The "Dixie" Argument: Dixie is Part of Southern Utah Heritage

Jan 7, 2013

The St. George City Council and Washington County Commission has voted unanimously to recommend that the name “Dixie” continue to be included in any new name for Dixie State College.
The request is non-binding on school administration, but the vote does reflect widespread support for the traditional name as the college moves toward university status.

“The elected legislative bodies… located within Washington County, Utah respectfully request that the term 'Dixie' continue to be a prominent part of the new name for Dixie State College of Utah," the resolution reads.

Some have asserted that in the larger global context the negative connotations associated with “Dixie” might handicap the institution.  But locals insist that it is an integral part of the region’s pioneering heritage and carries no association with the deep south and slavery.

Just last month a statue depicting two confederate soldiers was quietly removed from the campus.