Cycling Concerns on Tuesday's Access Utah

Jun 10, 2014

Recently, The League of American Bicyclists ranked Utah as the 8th most bike friendly state in the U.S., rising from the number 14 spot last year. With an increase in bike promotion, bike-related fundraising and commuting and an overall growth in bike culture across the state, biking advocates and anxious drivers alike are speaking up. 


Today on Access Utah, cyclists Matt Jorgenson, Lasaunne White and Rob Lathan from Salt Lake City and Daren Campbell from Herriman, will share their experiences sharing the road in Utah. Looking for an insider’s perspective on the relationship between cyclists and drivers, we’ll discuss road safety in addition to the health and sustainability benefits of cycling. And we’d love to hear your experiences as well, whether it’s as a cyclist or driver. You may also want to recommend your favorite bike trip or event.