Completed Tenth West in Logan Will Increase Mobility and Air Quality

Oct 29, 2013

Beginning Friday, November 1, 1000 West in Logan will have four open lanes because of a Utah Department of Transportation project intended to improve mobility in Cache Valley.

UDOT crews work on the Tenth West project in Logan, Utah.

The project began in 2008 with the exchange of Cache County-owned 1000 West for two UDOT-owned roadways.

"We felt like the roadway project was a positive feature," said Vic Saunders, Region Communications Manager for UDOT. "We felt that we could improve mobility, that we could improve air quality by having this roadway available, and that we could help the economy be improved by providing a corridor for economic development and for the movement of goods and services off of the main line US-89/91 through Logan."

The project cost approximately $67 million and had two phases of construction. The first phase took place from 2010 to 2011, expanding US-89 on the southernmost end of Logan to SR-30. The second phase began in 2011 and expanded SR-30 to 2500 North and 2500 North from 1000 West to 600 West; this phase will be completed on Friday.

The roadway was made with minimum signals and wide streets to keep traffic moving with the hopes of improving Cache Valley air quality by limiting the number of idling vehicles on Main Street.

A corridor agreement with Cache Valley guarantees the roadway will maintain limited stops in the future.

"What this does is ensure that Tenth West will never become bogged down with signals like Main Street," said Saunders. "It's a transportation corridor designed specifically for that, to get goods and services from and to manufacturing plants and to provide a way for people to bypass the heart of the downtown where traffic is congested." 

The public is welcome to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, November 1 at noon at the BATC West campus building on 1425 North and 1000 West in Logan.

Taylor is a senior at Utah State University, majoring in Communication Studies and Liberal Arts. She's from Sandy, Utah and is interested in discovering new things to try and attempting to live life wholly and healthily. She loves music and climbing anything from trees to mountains.