The Christmas Chronicles on UPR

Dec 14, 2012

The Christmas Chronicles

Monday, December 17 - Thursday, December 20   

9:00 a.m. & 8:00 p.m.

The Christmas Chronicles is a Christmas story for radio that captures the magic and mystery of everyone’s favorite Yuletide character—Santa Claus. The Christmas Chronicles originated in accounts of the astonishing life and activities of Santa, recalled and told by the author, Tim Slover, to his children over the years. It all started with a strictly scientific answer to a child’s classic question: “How does Santa deliver all those toys all over the world in just one night?” That’s the query that unlocked the grand adventure to keep the magic in and the cynicism of the world at bay. The Christmas Chronicles finally reveals “a true and complete history of Santa.”

Episode 1: Pine Boughs

A search for Christmas pine boughs leads to a stuck car, an encounter with evil, and the discovery of a book containing the true and complete history of Klaus, now known as Santa Claus. Tim Slover narrates.

Episode 2: Klaus the Carpenter

Plague comes and Klaus uses his remarkable woodworking gifts to restore his village to life, and bring joy back to its children. However, a rival carpenter named Rolf Eckhof thwarts his every move. Richard Johnstone narrates.

Episode 3: Anna the Racer

Anna and her reindeer, Dasher, are the fastest sleigh racers around—a perfect match for Klaus as he struggles to deliver Christmas presents to distant villages. Rolf Eckhof still lurks. Richard Johnstone narrates.

Episode 4: The Magic Reindeer

Years fly by and Klaus feels his life fading one Christmas Eve, until he knowingly unleashes the magic that unlocks a great secret. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes at home. Richard Johnstone narrates.

Episode 5: The Green Council Convenes

St. Nicholas and the council lead Klaus to the True North and his new home at Castle Noel, where he and Anna will live without age or illness. A surprise waits for them at the gate. Richard Johnstone narrates.

Episode 6: Of Space and Time

Klaus finally solves the problems of Christmas deliveries through the physics of the True North. Marvels meet him when he first circumnavigates the globe, the greatest of which awaits him at Castle Noel. Richard Johnstone narrates.

Episode 7: Be of Good Cheer

The demon that was Rolf Eckhof strikes the True North hard, and now nothing will be the same again. However, from loss a new hero emerges. Can this little reindeer really save Christmas? Richard Johnstone narrates.

Episode 8: The Word

A victory in the epic battle of the demon versus the reindeer, means Klaus can keep the spirit of Christmas alive. Richard Johnstone narrates.

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