Charitable runs abound in Cache Valley

Sep 27, 2013

This weekend Cache Valley will host walks, runs and a bike race that each hope to bring awareness to a cause. The Cruising to Stop Abusing bike ride, Run from Poverty 5K, and the Hunger and Buddy walks are all taking place Saturday.

The Buddy walk raises money for the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation and is in its 6th year. Maria Leishman, who has a child with Down syndrome, helped start the annual walk.

“I wanted something for our whole family to be able to participate in,” Leishman said.

The walk started out with only a few families and has now grown to around 500 participants.

The Utah Down Syndrome Foundation uses the money collected at the walk to provide information packets for new parents of infants with Down syndrome, as well as provide meal vouchers for families to use during long hospital stays and organize community activities.  

Leishman believes the walk can debunk misconceptions about Down syndrome.

“Our kids are capable of reaching so much higher than a lot of people give them credit for if they are just given the opportunity. They are great members of this community and it’s kind of fun to meet with them,” Leishman said.

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