Chaffetz: Conway Comments 'Wrong, Wrong, Wrong'

Feb 10, 2017

Attendees packed the auditorium at Brighton High School Thursday evening demanding that Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz explain himself on matters from public lands to a potential ethics investigation into President Donald Trump.

The mood for most of the evening was hostile. Protesters who could not get a seat inside set up outside the school. However, Chaffetz did elicit some applause when recounting his response to White House Special Counselor Kellyanne Conway’s advice that people go out and buy Ivanka Trump products.

“When...hold on...when Kellyanne Conway said what she said about buying that particular product that was wrong, wrong, wrong. I called it out, I called Elijah Cummings, who’s the ranking member on my committee,” Chaffetz said. “We jointly...jointly as the chairman, myself, the ranking member Mr. Cummings and we sent a very candid, very direct letter to the White House and to the Office of Government Ethics.”

Conway made the remarks after the Nordstrum chain of luxury department stores announced it would no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. President Trump had already made his disapproval of the company’s decision on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Chaffetz met personally with President Trump at the White House to talk about the Bears Ears National Monument.