Cache County School District Passes Bond

Nov 6, 2013

Cache County voted Tuesday on a $129 million bond to open two new high schools within the school district. These new high schools would eliminate severe overcrowding within schools in the county. Residents voted in favor of the bond by a slight margin of 184 votes.

The Cache County School District bond passed by a slim margin of 184 votes.

Many residents said they are worried the bond will affect property tax significantly.

“The amount of the bonds we’re asking authorization to sell would total 129 million dollars," said Dale Hansen, business administrator for the Cache County School District. "The district would split that amount into two different bond sales. The estimated increase in property taxes on an average home which is calculated to be a $197 thousand home in our county, the tax increase would be $125 per year.”

The property tax increase for residents comes out to be about $10 a month.

One high school will be built in Millville and the other will be built in North Logan.

“The High School on the South end would open in 2016 and the North end would be open in 2017," said Hansen.

Morgan Pratt is a sophomore at Utah State University seeking a degree in Journalism and Communications.