Bundy Criticized By Clark County Sheriff For Armed Militia Defense

Jul 7, 2014

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie is criticizing Cliven Bundy for allowing armed militia members to defend his property and intimidate federal agents into standing down in their efforts to remove the rancher’s cattle from BLM administered lands earlier this year.

Ironically, the authority of the Clark County sheriff was among the causes Bundy wished to defend when he used the media to rally supporters in April.

“The thing that got out is... it is time. We are rallying, we’re going to get the job done. We’re going to defend our United States Constitution. We’re going to defend our state sovereignty," Gillespie said. "One other thing that we have got to defend: we got to defend our county sheriffs.”

Gillespie says he intervened only to avoid a violent outcome, he feels Bundy needs to be held accountable, and that he supports efforts by the BLM to remove Bundy’s cattle.