Buck Hitches Ride in Travel Trailer

Nov 5, 2013

Even as thousands of Utah deer hunters have braved the outback only to come home empty-handed, a women recently driving through Garfield County bagged her buck without even knowing it. Chris Holmes explains.

A 3-point buck is seen inside a travel trailer.
Credit Garfield County Sheriff's Office

A woman called the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and reported that she had hit something while traveling on U.S. Hwy.  89.  When conservation officer Micah Evans arrived on the scene he observed a large hole through the front of the travel trailer she was pulling.

Evans asked the woman if he could take a look inside.  When he opened the trailer door he was surprised to see that a 3-point buck had gone through the front wall of the trailer, was lying on a bed and appeared to be unharmed.

When the officer took a picture, the flash from the camera startled the animal and it charged. Evans jumped out of the way as the buck bolted from the trailer, leapt a barbed wire fence and ran away.

Credit Garfield County Sheriff's Office

All involved were as stunned as the deer by the odd incident.  Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins joked that he may have to fine the woman for hunting without a license to which the woman replied, “but I didn’t kill it.”