Bringing Issues of Civic Engagement Into The Classroom, Margaret Whitt On Tuesday's Access Utah

Jun 27, 2017


The 2017 Bennion Teacher Workshop and Literature of Protest: Civil Rights, Democracy, Social Justice is ongoing at USU. Sponsored by: The Mountain West Center for Regional Studies Utah State University.

From joining the Martin Luther King’s March on Washington to joining a community conversation via a letter to the editor of a local paper, the synergy of people coming together in protest proves its power to create change on global, national, local, and personal levels. Through study of past and present social movements, participants in the workshop are considering the role of literature in civic engagement, and exploring ethical dimensions of bringing these often-sensitive issues into the classroom.

We will talk with the keynote speaker, Margaret Whitt, professor Emeritus of English at University of Denver about Lee’s book, “Short Stories of the Civil Rights Movement.” Whitt talks about a short civic engagement in our polarized times.