Boulder Crashes into House, Wakes Woman in St. George

Jan 22, 2013

A St. George woman received a rude awakening when a huge boulder tumbled down a ridge into her bedroom, sending her to the hospital with a broken jaw and sternum.
Wanda Denhalter, 63, was sleeping when she narrowly missed being crushed under the boulder early Saturday morning.
Her husband, who wasn't home at the time, said she apparently heard a rumbling noise just before the 12-by-9-foot boulder crashed through the back wall of the house.

The boulder pushed the bed and other furniture more than four feet. Denhalter managed to get loose and call 911.  She was taken to a St. George hospital, where she underwent surgery for non-life-threatening injuries.
It's unknown what caused the boulder to come down at about 3 a.m. husband Scott Denhalter thinks a broken water pipe at a ridge top home above might have had something to do with it.