Betsy Schow, Author of "Finished Being Fat" on Thursday's Access Utah

Feb 6, 2013


Utah author Betsy Schow writes: “I was fat. Huge. Ginormous. Not because of the number embroidered on the tag of my jeans, but because it consumed a large part of my thoughts and day. It very nearly destroyed my marriage. So much of my life revolved around gaining weight, losing weight … Obesity is an epidemic, but so is this unquenchable drive to be better, thinner, than the woman standing next to us. Even if that woman is just me, looking back from the mirror.”

Schow says the title of her book, “Finished Being Fat” came from her desire, not to whittle her waistline—She had already done that—but to stop being fat for good, in her mind.

Betsy Schow and her husband Jarom joins us for the hour on Thursday’s Access Utah.